Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's that Smell?

Repost from February 23, 2015

Ty's big baby dedication day at church

Everybody wants a picture with the superstar!

What, you might ask, could make all three kids laugh like that? Only their mother stepping in dog poo!

Starting to sit, but he'd much rather try to figure out how to crawl

So, Africa is still keeping us humble.  We had a lovely day at church the day we dedicated our little Ty baby to God.  The church that has waited so long for Ty, scheduled his dedication as soon as possible.  We had to reschedule the first time because Mike woke up sick that morning.  It was neat to hear the frustrated sigh when they announced the reschedule.  So the day finally arrived and we were absolutely floored by what they did for our little guy.  This is a church where most members feed their families with less than $5 per day.  Many of them are happy if they make $100 a month.  Some do better, but the majority of them live at what we'd consider poverty level.  Tradition demands that when a baby is dedicated the church gives gifts.  The women give soap, the men and singles give money.  Knowing that we don't use soap the same way they do, they made a special exception and gave half of the traditional soap and half was given in disposable diapers and clothes.  The men and singles got together $30 for our little one.  I could not believe their generosity towards us and this child.  I wanted to return their money and just let them know how happy we are to be there with them, but that would never have worked.  May God bless them abundantly for their extreme generosity welling up out of such poverty!  I hope that He gives me a heart that comes close to what they have.

Ty is working his little charm like his big brother, Ben.  None of us understand it, Ty screams at everyone, just like Ben did and yet everyone loves him.  Fortunately God has given a special love for 2 African women.  My friend and househelper, Agira, can usually quiet Ty and get him to cooperate for a few minutes.  My African sister also manages to get this fussy baby to hush.  She is one of the very few who often gets Ty to sleep.  He loves to hear her sing.  Those of you that know Ty, know how miraculous that is!

I'd like to write more, but the little troublemaker has been refusing to sleep the last couple of days.  I put him down and within 5 minutes, he's back up.  Hopefully Viviane can work her magic on him tomorrow, as Wednesday is one of the days that we do ministry stuff together.

Keep praying for Mike.  For those that don't know, he broke his left hand last week and he is growing weary of the pain and swelling.

With love,

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