Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hard Lesson

I had a tough lesson from the school of hard knocks today.  Have you ever been sorting through the junk drawer or junk room for something you just couldn't find.  In exasperation you begin to toss things in the trash just to clear the mess only to realize later that you threw out a (or many) much needed item.  Then you get to go dumpster diving to try to clean up your mess. 

WELLLLLLLLL...  Did a little dumpster diving on the worldwide web tonight trying to clean up my little mistake.  It means that although I think I found all of my past posts over the last three years, they are now a jumbled mess.  To most of you that know me well, this is no real big surprise.  I was so upset to have lost all of that information, that I am just glad to have it back. 

Having learned my lesson, I'll try not to let it happen again.  Thanks for bearing with this technologically challenged missionary. 

Sending love and patience your way,

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