Thursday, April 8, 2010

Benjamin is 6 months old

Hi, Mom! I have NO idea why Caleb is screaming!!!

This has been a big month for Benjamin. He's pretty much mastered sitting, which was slowed way down as he doesn't wish to sit, he wants to crawl and run and jump! He's tried apples and green beans and a few other things, but he prefers those. He's baby babbling. He's riding on my back or the back of my friend without so much fuss. Around here, your baby just has to ride! And he's worming himself further into the hearts of all that know him. Current greetings from all now consist of "How are you? How is Benjamin?" and on the rare occasion he's not with me, "WHERE is he?"

There was a presentation at church for Benjamin. Babies are presented here much like we do dedications, but they are a bigger event here as all other religions have some sort of celebration around the birth/naming of a baby. Muslims have a feast on the eighth day where they kill a sheep and feast with family and friends as they announce for the first time the name of the baby. Catholics have infant baptism after which they also have a feast. So as Benjamin was presented, it is customary for everyone to bring soap to the baby. Benjamin received a bucket load of soap from people at church to welcome him to the world. It is quite humbling to see these people giving out of their extreme poverty and a reminder that God calls us all to give cheerfully. May our hands be open towards those in need. Also a reminder that we should be willing to do without all of the frills so that we can be able to help those in need.

Sending our love as always,

Kid Pix

Some of you may wonder why in the world we post so many kid pictures instead of ministry pictures. First of all, the grandparents grudgingly let us haul the grandkids half way around the world with threats that if we didn't keep them updated, they would personally come over here and take us behind the barn, so to speak. Secondly, in this culture there are many people glad to see the camera come out, but there are also many that are irritated or even angry to have a photo taken. There are beliefs about soul stealing and things like that. Third, the kids are just cuter than their Mom and Dad.