Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Caleb!!!

You can't tell, but that is a 10 in candles!!!

It's hard to believe that Caleb is already 10 years old. That means I turn 40 and that does not seem possible. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. We started the day by giving Caleb his presents that we ordered for the Mission Team to bring us from the States. We spent a lot of the morning playing Legos and new computer games. Caleb decided he wanted to go swimming and we went to a new place. It was a lot of fun. Sorry no pictures. It was a fantastic pool with a slide and diving platform that Caleb, Karis and Autumn (our team mates daughter) really enjoyed. The slide was very fast and probably dangerous, but the kids had a blast. We then went over to the Moodys house for birthday cake. By the end of the day we were really tired as me and Caleb had brand new sunburns we had to nurse, so sleep came pretty quickly. Happy 10th Birthday Caleb!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Heather 4 months pregnant !!!!

I just thought everyone would like to see my beautiful wife at 4 months pregnant with our third child. Isn't she lovely in blue!!!!

Just as lovely and beautiful from the side.

Just look at that beautiful smile!!!

Caleb and Karis decided that we should take a picture of all the kids together with their beautiful mom. Pray for Heather as she is still having some stomach cramps and pain. Pray that the next 5 months will be easier than the first 4 months. Also, Heather is going to see family the first part of June. Pray for a safe trip and that things will be easy on her. Plus pray for me and the kids as we go it alone for 2 weeks here in hot Africa. Pray we learn to cook fast!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Daisy caught herself a midnight snack.

Yes indeed, that is a crab, cornered and trapped in our yard by our little dog who seems not to be too afraid of that huge pincher!

We are waiting on our team from our home church to get here. They are flying in Tuesday night and my kids have been counting down the days for a looooong time now. Having 5 college students in the house for a few days is pretty great stuff. We are looking forward to the time they will get to spend on the university campus here with Cote d'Ivoire students and hope they can get a lot of research done for us and get many many opportunities to share their faith.

My Dad spent a couple of days in the hospital there in the states getting to know his new cardiologist. He had a stint put in just to keep life interesting. I think he just wanted to compare notes with me on how the American hospital experience compares with the African hospital experience. ;) Just kidding. I would appreciate your prayers for him as he continues to recover on the run! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you might say!

We are still working hard on our new languages. I wish I could tell you I can have a long detailed conversation with someone, but unless you call a brief rundown of how the family and work are, a brief bio of myself, and short sentences like "I am working, You are sad, He is sleeping" as a long conversation, I guess I should keep working at it. I do have a lot longer list of words and sounds I can't make! I am looking forward to the day I move from being funny myself to making people laugh on purpose. That will be great.

Our Caleb is turning ten in ten days, so hopefully we'll be putting up birthday pix soon. I told Caleb not to even ask for a pinata. An African pinata once in a life time is all I can stand. If you don't remember that story, you'll have to research our September 08 posts! :)

Our love to all,

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, tomorrow's the big day where everyone in the US will call and/or visit their mom, tell her they love her, and hopefully get them something good to eat, or look at or wear. I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the special Moms in my life.

First of all, I thank God for my mother who knew me from my first moments of life. She loved us all with a mother's love that only you moms out there can understand. Even though there were four of us, nobody was slighted on how she loved us. I'm sure we all gave her reason at one point or another, or maybe a hundred, to throw up her hands and give up, but she never did. She took special care of us from the beginning and my mom didn't stop with providing for us physically, but also spiritually in every way. My mom stayed home with us, even when getting a paying job would have been the much easier choice. She was always there when we got home from school and she always gave us a snack and made us do our homework before we watched TV. Thanks Mom! She took us to church without fail. She sang us songs and fed us good homecooked meals. She sat up with my sister through long nights of asthma attacks. Little did I know of her mother's heart that was afraid to leave her not knowing if she'd be OK if Mom wasn't there to watch her. She cleaned up puke and poop and pee without complaining. She often did without, so that we would have what we needed. She read us stories at night before we went to bed, sometimes she would even read two chapters if the story was especially good. Now I know how tired she was as she trudged through page after page. She made us clothes and special treats. She suffered through the month of chicken pox as they took down one after another of all four of her kids. She took us to Grandma's house and she never missed one of our ballgames or piano lessons. She made sure that we hid the word of God in our hearts and that we were equipped to handle the fiery darts of the evil one. She prayed for us when we weren't aware. She endured terrifying first time driving experiences. She handled scratches, and worse, to the family car. She directed pet funerals and other crises that are barely memorable now, but were the end of the world then. She was at all of our special events, recitals, Bible drills, graduations, weddings, first babies, appointment ceremonies and she always cheered the loudest for us to succeed. She guarded who we were friends with, who we spent time with, what we watched and where we were. Because of that, we steered clear of more trouble than we ever knew was there. There is so much more to say, but since I'm getting all soggy eyed, I'd better move on.

Secondly I thank God for the woman who loved and raised my husband. The Lord only knows the patience she has! Hee Hee, just kidding! Not only did she care for, pray for and nurture her boys into Godly young men, she even took the time to care for a kid like me. When I list people who have influenced me in my walk with my Savior, her name is always on the list. She loved her boys through all of their shenanigans. I know that she stayed up nights praying for their safe return and thanked the Lord when she heard the noises that said they'd come back safe and sound. She made afternoons for fishing and weekends for camping out. She made sugar cookies for Christmas and stuffed celery every Thanksgiving, knowing that her son loved those things. She made him homecooked meals and helped him through countless hours of homework and projects. She tolerated a house full of animals from cats and dogs to ferrets and sheep. She made it through an untold number of scout meetings and ball games. She helped her boys to spread their wings and make their own choices when she knew that she had instilled in them well the desire to please not merely their earthly parents, but their Heavenly Father. She raised a son that would follow God to the ends of the earth if so called. She showed him what it meant to lay down his life for his wife and kids. She's made her daughters-in-law proud to call her an in-law and to know that we are much more than that!

I could never leave out my grandmothers even though this isn't grandparents day. My grandmothers brought up kids that loved the Lord and wanted their children to follow Him as well. I have so many snatches of things that I love to remember. There were weiner roasts, watermelons, beach days, doodle bug hunting, favorite bed time stories, morning walks, hanging out clothes, and "helping" in the garden. Their were countless nights of laying on the kitchen floor just listening to them talk and wishing there was never any other place to be. There was music camp and VBS and weekend trips while Mom and Dad were away. There were cats named Cat and dogs named Puppy, Christmas mornings and lazy summer afternoons. There were lemonade cakes, homemade ice cream, baked apples, blueberries straight from the bush, and 3 waffle Tuesdays! There were visits to old relatives I didn't really know, but whom I loved to hear stories about who they were and all they'd done. Grandma always understood, she always had a piece of candy or a special treat, and she always believed that you were the wonderful kid you were even when nobody else could see it. Grandma's just have that special way of seeing your potential.

So for all the blessings God has granted me of mothers and grandmothers, I pray that he blesses me with even a fraction of the ability to do as they've done for me. May they be proud to call be theirs and may my children be as blessed as I have been. Thanks Mom, McMom, Grandma F and Grandma P. I love you!


Thursday, May 7, 2009


I just wanted to let those of you that are following our latest happenings that I am back home. The procedure seemed to go well. We heard a tiny heart beating this morning to the joy of Mom and Dad. They aren't as into monitoring fetal heart rate as much here as there, but with a little persuasion, we convinced them to check for us just to make sure. Unfortunately they didn't check to see if it was a little girl heart or a boy heart. It didn't matter to us anyway as long as it was beating! Maybe we'll know sometime near the end of June.

I am sporting some pretty great "track marks" from my IV to commemorate my first stay in an African hospital. As usual the IV was my least favorite part of the stay and let me just say that you shouldn't make IV needles out of plastic. It's just not a good idea! Only one of my meals was still sporting a head and I convinced them to trade out for something that had already been beheaded! ;)

Now I just have to take it easy for the next five months and all will be good! When I asked how long I had to "take it easy" today, the cute little nurse said "Until you are ready for this baby to come." OK. Understood. Can do. By the time I got home the kids and my great househelper had already been briefed that they are not to let me do ANYTHING for a couple of weeks and after that, very little. Now we just need to contact a contractor and start getting estimates to widen the doors to the house. Hee Hee! ;)

I am feeling OK thanks to your prayers. I am hoping to get a good night's sleep now.

Love you all,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Update

Just for those of you that are wondering about the doctor's appointment, I will be having a cerclage done Wednesday morning (5/6) at a great hospital.

Love to all,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now What Did We Do With That Camera?

Hee hee! We haven't misplaced our camera, we just can't seem to remember to get it out and do anything with it!!!! I'd promise to do better, but then I'm not sure I would, so I'd better not promise.

We've just been up to normal stuff around here. Today I went to a little town just outside of the city with a friend of mine after we got home from church. It was fun to go out there and hang out with the family. Most of the conversations were in Moore, the language I am supposed to be learning, but except for words here and there I was clueless. I can greet, which always wins me a smile! I do know what they call the white lady, so at least I know when I am being discussed. ;) I was on a mission to find corn on the cob today along with plantains. I've grown quite fond of fried plantains and so I always get the plantains when we are out of the city so my precious househelper and dear friend can fry them up for me later in the week. We haven't had fresh corn since before we came to Africa, so I hope it tastes OK. They grow field corn here to eat and so it's not always the best. I am figuring after a year and a half without corn, maybe it will work!

Language is still slow going. I'm still good for a laugh! Maybe some day I'll become less amusing and at least partially comprehensible!

We have a volunteer team coming later this month. We are excited to have them with us and hope they will have a good time here. Of course that also means that you may or may not hear much from me this month.

The kids are still really excited about the baby. Caleb can't figure out why we haven't picked a name yet. Karis is hoping for a little sister, but Caleb says he doesn't care. I think Karis is planning sweet revenge on her brother. Hope she doesn't mind waiting a few years for her partner in crime, boy or girl, to be actually capable of helping her inflict damage on her brother.

We still don't have new news on the trouble I've had with little bit. I hope to get word soon that all is well and there's no more need for worry. We should hear something soon one way or another. The doctor has to make a decision on the cerclage this week, at least that's what I think I understand.

We got new neighbors this week. Another missionary family with four kids moved in next door. The kids are really enjoying having playmates so close.

We love you all a lot. Come see us!