Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Catching Up is All I Can Do

Repost from September 2, 2015

Thanks, Nana and Papa!

Not sure if this is his recruitment poster pose or what! ;)

Our little Karis turned 14 today!

"Why does that thing flash a bright light in my eyes, Mom?"

Birthday Girl

Ben imitating Caleb

For all of the bad things this dog does, she loves to be loved and we have some kids that love to love her!

What Ty does almost all day ;)

Ty baby's 1st birthday

Thanks, Nana and Papa!

OK, so my best intentions to blog more didn't pan out.  Since I last wrote, we've had 2 birthdays and a lot of other stuff happening.  I've composed at least 15 blogs in my head while driving, but can't remember a word now!

We've added a couple of girls to our Abidjan team after our team of 5 finished their time over the summer.  Molly and Tiffany will be working closely with myself and the Kassou family.  We are excited to see how God will use them.

Our baby is 1 now.  He is quite adorable when he smiles, which is not as often as I would like.  He likes to hang out with the guys.  He thinks women are scary!! :)  He's captured many loyal fans even with his loud obnoxious behavior.  His African name is used nearly as much as his American name in the areas that I work in a lot.  It is quite funny.  He's thinking about talking now.  Sadly he mostly only says "Ceilidh" and "Daisy" or versions of those two names.  He is quite good at communicating through pointing and screaming.  We've teased that we don't know what language he'll end up speaking as he hears so many!

Ben continues to keep us all laughing all of the time.  I keep meaning to write down his funnies, but then you know how good I am at following through on my intentions!  He started Kindergarten this year and is doing well.

Karis turned 14 today.  Not sure how she is that old.  She has been really enjoying having more volunteers around.  She's been doing pedicures and girlie movies and sleepovers.  She is in the 9th grade this year and has pulled out of that transitional phase and is quite the nice young lady.  She helps a lot with Ty and does great helping with volunteers, too.

Caleb is in the 11th grade this year! What?!  He is quite the character.  He has a shirt that says "Stand back, this might get AWESOME!" and that pretty much sums up his personality.  He is doing well with translating now and is also a big help with teams, if he wants to be.

Mike is on the injured list again.  A little backyard wiffle ball game got a little out of control and he tore a portion of his quadricep that attaches to his knee cap.  He is supposed to be immobilized for 1 month.  He's not so great with immobilization, but he is mostly staying at home at least.  He's working on his last class to complete his masters and says that he'll at least have no reason not to do well on it since he can't go anywhere.

I've been running trying to keep plates spinning with volunteers coming and going.  We've started back to school and I'm already trying to figure how many days are left until summer vacation. ;)  My sweet African sister lost her father last week and I am elbow deep in funeral plans and customs.  Viviane's dad suffered much in his last few months here on earth.  We are so happy he suffers no more, but sad to lose him.  It has been a blessing to be able to love this family at this hard time.

More personnel are on their way and life will get even more exciting.  We are so looking forward to the arrival of Sarah and Savannah next month.  These girls will be spending 2 years with us.  In addition to them, we'll have the McNees family coming in January along with Rob.  Abidjan is about to get interesting!

Thanks so much to those of you that keep up with us here.
With Love,

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