Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pulling out the Long Sleeve Shirts

So while Mom and Dad are having serious deep meetings about the future of our ministry here in the city the kiddos have been up to their own deep and meaningful endeavors. So what do you think? ;)

Well the long sleeves are not for here of course, but Mike and kids are getting excited about their trip to the states. Hope you'll get a chance to see them there. You can register for the conference Mike will be at from the link at the upper right hand corner of this page.

We are enjoying our visit from the family from Mexico. They've been a great help to us in vision casting. The daughters are precious young ladies. The girls have been wonderful with our kids and we will be so sad to put them back on an airplane home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed some time with Agira this week. She's been such a help with extra people here and we've had some serious spiritual conversations. Please continue to pray for her that she can understand and embrace Truth.

We had a new addition to the mission family as Daisy got a new cousin yesterday! Now we aren't a one dog mission family anymore. Our teammates got a little yorkie that is adorable.

OK, I think that is all of wierd and disjointed family news I can put together in one blog. We love you all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Give Him 6!!!!

That's 6 points and for the Steelers 6 Superbowls!!! Is this not the best catch ever? Yes, we are still celebrating that great game here in the Ivory Coast!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy SuperBowl Sunday!

Mike loves the cold. I do not. For several months now he's been teasing he's going to take another wife that likes to sleep in the AC, not that the fact that I don't like the AC has kept him from running it mind you. Our little dog Daisy has turned out to be quite the rotten little dog and when I saw her curled up on MY pillow in the AC waiting for Mike to come to bed, I figured he'd found my replacement!

Karis and her little bed buddy Mindy. We can tell who's used to sleeping under the fan, huh?

Emily with Agira

This is the biggest group of kids we've had in Abidjan so far. Some are only here for a couple of weeks, but they are all really enjoying themselves.

I imagine you are all planning on where you will watch the big game tonight, or no, wait a minute, maybe that's just the wildly obsessed people like my husband!!!!! Anyway, one way or another, he's gathered three at least pretty big steelers fans, one NFL in general fan, and a few guys that are just glad to be hanging out with the guys to come to our house tonight at midnight to watch the game. All I have to say is that they had better watch quietly!!! HA!! I really wanted to find another place to sleep, but I'm afraid they'd lock the gate and never let me back in if I did that.

Our life has been full the last few weeks. We've welcomed new families to our city. We've said goodbye to a dear friend and colaborer. My friend returned from Burkina. We had an African child in our house for a week. My very dear friend was seriously ill. My sister had her second baby, that of course I would love to see. We've continued to have issues with our rentals. We currently have a missionary here with us who is going to help us get a handle on God's plan for this city, but we only have 2 weeks, so we have to work fast. So all in all, life has been interesting. Our Lord and Savior has walked us through all of the things we've dealt with and He's never left our side. Most of those issues have been resolved at this point. We really do appreciate all of you that faithfully lift us up in prayer, though.

In other news, we have completed the qualifications for our French language learning. This in no way means we've arrived, but our formal tutoring time in French is done. We will be learning language as long as we live here, but that is a load off for now. Now we get to start all over again!!! We have to learn a local language as well. We've actually decided to split and learn two. We figure we cover more bases that way! ;) That will officially start in March. I hear Mike's language is a lot easier than mine, though and so I'm trying to learn as much as I can before we even start. We'll see how that goes.

Also we've decided that Caleb and Karis will come along with Mike to the states the end of this month. They are thrilled and can't stop discussing all of the fast food they hope to take in while they are there. Somebody asked Caleb last night if he was going to let Gramma spoil him and he replied with a sneaky grin, "Yeah, and Mom won't be there to stop her. Hee Hee Hee!" I'll have to stay and hold down the fort here, so I wish they'd STOP talking about what they can't wait to eat!

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area, you should head on over to the conference Mike will be at. He'd love to see you and you can learn more about our work here in West Africa, and of course that of the other missionaries in the area. I'm not sure why anybody would want to go anywhere besides Abidjan, but to each his own. ;)

All of my storying groups have been continuing on. My market ladies have finished the evangelism set. One says she's accepted Christ and is following him although she's only a nominal Catholic. One says she hears, understands and believes. She says she wants to continue to hear, but her decision will come little by little. She shares the stories with her family, but doesn't feel right now that she can make the plunge. Agira continues to listen. She hears and understands. I think on some level she believes too. She loves the stories, but right now, she just listens. We've had some good discussions, so continue to pray for her.

Pray also for us these next two weeks. As I mentioned, we're making plans for how to reach the city. Pray that we follow the leading of the Spirit and pray for the lost of Abidjan to come to saving faith.

We love you all dearly and hope you are well. Come see us!