Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring in Vancouver

This is a view of the mountains from our neighborhood.

Caleb and Karis are wheeling their way to the park.

Ben's favorite place to be is "outslide".

This is a little bitty steam engine at a local park.

Cherry Blossoms are Everywhere!

We are learning all about getting around Vancouver now. We learn about a new bus every day that goes here or there. We have been figuring out what to do when we get to the bus stop only to see the bus rolling on down the road. We've learned what sky train stations have working elevators so that we can get to the platform with the stroller. We've learned where to buy groceries and where not to. We've learned what parks have good slides. We've learned about some of the best places to meet up with people in our neighborhood and even a couple of stores where we might run into West Africans.

We have class sessions about four days a week now and the rest is time out in the field. The kids have quickly located some things they want to do. Now they just need to locate the money tree so that they can do them all!!! You can ski or snowboard around here. There is a great aquarium and a zoo. There are all sorts of shops and parks. There are swimming pools and restaurants of every kind. There is whale watching and ice skating. There are beaches and mountains and waterfalls. Of course we have to do our work, but we hope to do many of the things that are Vancouver specials during the time we are here.

I hope you all are having a great time basking in the glory of our risen Savior!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At Home in Vancouver

Our Home

On the Sea Bus

At the airport

We are figuring out our new home. We have learned to take Sky Trains and Bline buses and Sea Buses. We've seen, at least briefly, many of the sights here in Vancouver.

Our regular day starts out as we catch the bus to catch the train to walk up the mountain to get to the office. There the kids spend time with their TCK friends doing some school, while the adults have our own classes. Then we walk down the mountain to get to the train to get to the bus that takes us home. We're meeting many people from many different parts of the world but are still a little short on West Africans. We hope to remedy that soon. Pray for us for open doors and words to say.

I thought you might like a few shots of our new home.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Farewell Photos

Enjoying the Spring Flowers

Cold Day in the Park

Just Goofing at Nana's

Bedtime Story