Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grandparents Alert!!

Repost from January 2105

"Avocados are yummy!  Mom thinks I might be allergic, but maybe she'll let me try again soon."

"Ben, why is Mom acting like a crazy woman?"

Just keeping it REAL!! :)

I do realize that there are two other grandchildren that I am holding hostage on Africa, but those two were working on school and I figured I should let them work.

We've had a nice few weeks back in Africa.  We miss friends, family and food but are glad to be home.  Mike would say we miss the cold, but I DO NOT!

This is more of a family update since we went off the grid for a while.  I'll do more of a ministry/ real Africa life post later.  Right now I just want our family and friends to know we are alive and well.  It was so nice to be so connected for a while in the states, that it is difficult to going back to being far away.

Everyone traveled pretty well.  Ty nursed most of the 20 some odd hours, which kept him from giving the whole plane a headache.  Our over the ocean trip was hard for me.  We were on the very last row with the bathrooms/drink area right behind us.  They kept the lights on full blast back there and the crew/passengers used it as a party hall.  Ty slept a lot as long as I let him nurse.  I slept almost none, except for a couple of times that my eyes slid shut.  I had wanted to have a bassinet for Ty, but Mike had been told there was not one available.  It was a little miserable, but only lasted a few hours, so we survived.

The airport in Paris is all new now and there were lots of nice things to explore, but no good food.  I broke down and bought Ben a cheese sandwich for 10 bucks.  Too bad we were looking for lunch.  All we ended up with was Swiss cheese (who likes that stuff anyway?) and a night stick masquerading as a piece of bread.  I'm telling you, the French must have some SERIOUS teeth!  The rest of the trip was uneventful but tiring.  We were amazed to get all of our bags the same day, but we had to stand there for an hour waiting for them to all come through.  I caused some trauma with Africans that HATE to hear babies cry.  News flash, I don't like it either, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Everyone has settled into a "normal" routine.  The house is mostly put together.  The internet is limping along.  The water comes into the tank most nights.  The electricity stays on most of the time.  There are a couple of boxes left here and there, but not many.  The baby has his own crib.  It is in our closet, but he has a bed! (Don't panic Gramma and Nana, we leave the closet door open!)  Caleb and Karis are doing school.  Ty baby is learning to eat food.  He's tried quite a few things, but for the first time, I have a fruit hater.  We are having a bit of difficulty knowing what is a food reaction and what is heat rash.  Ty's face is often red and splotchy, so that nailing down what he can and can't eat has been hard.

We had a been of an interesting week while Mike was in Senegal, but I'll save that for another post.  I'm holding a sleeping baby, so I better get him down and myself ready to sleep too.  We still aren't doing so well at night.

Love to all,

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