Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Repost from September 2014

We are doing a lot of traveling these days.  It is so neat to be able to hear from so many of you that have prayed for us.  It is great to put some names with faces, to meet new friends and to see old ones.

We've been having vehicle troubles for the last 7 weeks, but are still getting around thanks to our family.  You can definitely pray that our old van might be resurrected for just a few more weeks of travel! ;)

I am missing terribly our friends.  I am so glad to have spent time with our family and friends in the US.  It is so hard to be in a position where we'll never again be able to access all of our family and friends.  I suppose that is a blessing as well.  God has expanded our territory.

Ebola has become such a buzz word in the US.  Just know that we are hoping to be able to return to our home.  There are still no cases in the Ivory Coast.  The news is hard to watch.  Those that are being discussed are our neighbors and colleagues.  Those most likely to be affected by this tragedy are not those on these shores, but our family and friends across the ocean.  I'm ready to get back and share the HOPE that comes only through Jesus.

Sorry to be so short, but life with a newborn moves too fast!
With Love,

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