Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Another Hot January Day

There's not much new or out of the ordinary going on right now. We are looking forward to a visit from a veteran missionary the end of this month to get us really started with some good ideas and insight on this whole urban animal! ;) This also of course means that we expect to be really busy! He'll only have two weeks to spend with us as opposed to what we thought would be 6 weeks. It won't be the first time we've tried to cram 6 weeks into 2!

Karis lost a tooth this week as you can see. It looks like the other one will come out soon too.

My friend is on her way back from Burkina!!! Yeah!!! I had begun to wonder if I would ever see her again. She's bringing both of her daughters back too, so I am looking forward to meeting her oldest! If she's anything like her mom, she'll be a great kid.

Our storying groups are still going well. My market lady is still sitting on the fence trying to decide what it really means to follow Jesus and trying to decide if she's prepared to make the leap. I am looking forward to continuing to story with Agira when she returns. Some other storying groups seem to be wrapping up with no fruit, so pray as I seek out those whose hearts God is drawing.

Mike has recently found out that he'll be going to a conference in the states the end of February. So while he gets to eat bacon, fast food, and our families' good home cooking and see all of our family and friends, I'll be here holding down the fort with the kids and telling people about Jesus. Somebody has to keep their nose to the grindstone right?! ;) Just kidding. I'm not seriously jealous, just a little. ;) So if you see my dear husband in a few weeks, know that he brings love from across the ocean.

With Love,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year/ New People

Our new year here has brought new people here to Abidjan. Of course our wonderful teammates arrived last month before the end of the year. They are doing great here adjusting to life in the big city and learning French. Two other families came last week to join the gang here. One will only be staying for 4 months to get oriented to West Africa and learn French. The other family expects to spend their first term here. So that means life is a lot less quiet and a lot more fun, especially for the kids.

Other life is just carrying on as usual. I am REALLY hoping my friend and househelper will be coming back from Burkina the end of this week. Cell phone coverage there seems to be very spotty, but the last time I talked to her, that was the plan. I just hope that she doesn't decide to stay. I would love so very much for her to be close to her family, but I sure miss her here.

Continue to pray for us to sell our rental properties. Many of you have been so faithful to do just that and we appreciate you greatly. We know that God's timing is best, but some days he makes me nervous!! ;)

Well, speaking of loud and full of life, the gang just came to play in the sand box. In the span of a couple of weeks we've gone from 3 kids to 8. That is if you can call our teammates daughter a kid, she's actually a lovely young lady and we are so glad she is here. So I'd better go watch the kids get dirty!!

Love to all,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Caleb and Karis, Christmas Service 2008

Caleb and Karis joined the other African kids during the Christmas Service at church.  They said their lines in French and then Caleb sang Away in a Manger in English.