Friday, September 17, 2010

Friends and Neighbors

They are playing a game like marbles with seeds they found from a tree. Even getting the seeds to play with was a game as a nut like thing has to be opened. If the nut has been on the ground too long, the seed inside turns to dust. So the kids crack open and count how many they've found and when they all have enough, you play marbles with them!

This is Mamouna, one of the ladies you have prayed for, with her daughter.

The Muslim holiday to celebrate the end of fasting was last week. Thank you so much to all of you that prayed for our friends. We really had many good conversations with all of them. Each and every one of them were told that not only were we praying for them, but you were as well. I wish I could tell you that one or all have already given their life to Christ, but as of right now, that is not so. We will continue to pray and trust in the One that draws the heart of sinful man to repentance.

Love to all,

Karis' Birthday

Karis turned 9 on September 2. She talked her teacher into declaring a school holiday in honor of her birthday and we all went to the pool. I personally thought it was a little cold for the pool, but it wasn't my birthday. Now I do believe you are all laughing at me. When you are used to temps in the 90s, temp in the 80s does not say jump in the pool! Why, you might ask, are we coming to the states during the COLDEST PART OF THE YEAR!?!?! Well, that was Mike's idea. So don't be surprised when I get off the plane in October and ask for my parka, gloves, scarf and snow boots!;)