Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shall We Gather at the River

One of our most faithful attenders to our storying group

This is 150 crowded around the hole just waiting for the next chance to dance and sing.

Well, we didn't gather at the river, rather we gathered at an 8 foot concrete hole in the front of our auditorium where 7 people had come to make a public profession of their belief in Christ as their Savior and Lord! Five of the men are attenders at one of storying groups. Two of them never miss it. We were so proud to stand and watch as they gave testimony of their faith in Christ.

Now let me tell you a little about baptisms in West Africa. It is an out and out PARTY! They sang, they danced, they cheered and waved their arms in the air. Each candidate was announced like a sports star and came forward to climb down into the hole. Every time the pastor needed to talk he had to hold up his hands in the universal sign for time out! After each made a profession of their faith by way of a corded microphone, draped carelessly into the pit of water, the pastor and assistant would lay them back into the knee deep water. They'd come out to cheers and an immediate chorus of people singing praise to Our Maker!

It was fun! You should have been here!!