Saturday, October 16, 2010


Benjamin's 1st Birthday in Ghana!

Saying Goodbye to Friends

Packing Up


I am so sorry to have been absent for so long! I had no idea how demanding these last few weeks would be. For many months now I've been looking forward to our time returning to the states and friends and family. I knew a lot of work would be involved, but I didn't know how involved it would be.

We had to pack up our entire house as if we were moving. We also had to equip and prepare each of our storying groups to be on their own. Just for the amusement factor, we also got to plan and execute a spiritual retreat for ourselves and several other families!

There has also been an unexpected development. I did not realize how difficult saying goodbye here would be. I guess I supposed my African life would just go on hold until I could come back and pick it back up. In reality, everybody's life goes on. My friends will miss me and I'll miss them. Some of them will move away while I'm gone. Some of them will have difficult times and I won't be here to help them through. There's the real possibility that there are those I'll never see again and I have to wonder, did I say enough, do they understand what they have to do to walk in right relationship with God?

So I guess the thing I have realized is that goodbyes aren't easy either side of the ocean. Fortunately, though, hellos are GREAT! Can't wait to see some of you, and to those we are leaving, we'll be back soon!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Benjamin Helping Me Wash the Truck!!!!

I decided to wash and wax the truck today for our Ghana trip. I promise I was only turned around for a few seconds and I saw this!!!!!

Yes he got in by himself and just started playing in the soapy water!!!!