Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pictures from 2014

It's a new year and we finally have a new photo.  We wanted to take a picture while everyone had on their Christmas clothes after church on Christmas Eve/Day, but at 1:30 AM everyone's patience quickly wore out when it was too hard to figure out how to set the timer. 

The top picture is of Bamba's family.  He and Mike are able to work more closely again the last several months as he has had some odd jobs with our people and has recently been hired by a US company to do research and work towards sharing the gospel with the unreached.  We are all proud of him and glad for this opportunity to continue in his work with us.

We are going to get a rare treat next month as our home church is bringing us home.  We are so excited to see family and friends and taste some long missed tastes of home.  We'll spend a week in Florida with my family, several days in NC with our church family and a week in TN with Mike's family.  It will be quite the whirlwind trip, but hopefully we'll pack in lots of good times.

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

With Love,


Caleb and Amos

Ben and Viviane

December went by in a blur.  We said goodbye to our semester missionary during the month and so there was lots of work to help her finish well and send her off.  I also went to a funeral out west and that was 3 days worth of travel.  I think we were on the road for around 30 hours total in the three days time. 

We had a great Christmas, although everyone was suffering a bit from a cold.  We decided to go to a Christmas Eve service this year as opposed to a Christmas day service we usually go to.  It was great fun singing and dancing with our brothers and sisters as we celebrated.  Karis, Jen and I shared a traditional carol or two and Caleb was in a skit about the first Christmas.  Our friends kept going until 5 AM, but we snuck out around 12:30. 


We had a great Thanksgiving.  We had around 40 people at our house for food, fun and fellowship.  There were tables loaded with food, that promptly got consumed to the point that there was nothing for leftovers.  :)  We weren't able to get a turkey this year.  A small turkey of 8-10 pounds can cost $60 or $70.  I really wanted to one because I LOVE turkey, but I wasn't able to find one this year.

After everyone thoroughly stuffed themselves, we headed out for a little American football.  Many of our friends were good sports and donned pants and tromped through dog poo to learn a little about the game and we had a quite a silly afternoon.