Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

The McAfee boys after eating a big Thanksgiving meal. As you can tell it was hot here, about 95 degrees and 90% humidity. But, that didn't stop us from eating alot of Turkey and relaxing after the meal. We always miss family more during these holiday times, so if you were not with us, know you were missed.

The missionary kids eating and stuffing themselves full of turkey and dressing.

Our language helpers in French and Jula. Olivier, on the left, is very used to being around missionaries, so he didn't have a problem getting a plate full and eating as much as the rest of us. Guy-Roger, my Jula tutor, wasn't sure about the food at first so he only got a little at first, but after he tasted it he loaded his plate down. He then told Heather that he wanted her to teach him how to cook like this.

Our table of food with our friends loading down their plates.This is our house-helpers co-wife. Yes they are Muslim, and Heather and Teresa have told them a lot of the Bible stories. Pray that they will accept Christ as their savior. The other day one of them told Heather that even if she was wronge she wouldn't changeg because she doesn't like people that change their mind. Pray that Christ will break their hearts and they allow him to come in and take control of their lives. Thanksgiving was a time when we could share with them why we give thank to our savior Jesus Christ.

A full table is always welcome in the McAfee house at Thanksgiving. My mom and dad always have a lot of family over to celebrate Thanksgiving, so we continued that tradition here in Abidjan. As it turned out we had a womens table and a mens table. We didn't plan it that way, but that is how our African friends sat down. Heather and Teresa had not yet sat down with the women in this picture. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, know you are loved and missed. May God bless you this Christmas season.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family visit

We had to say good bye to family again. I think this is one of the hardest things to do as a missionary. We love for family and friends to come and visit, but it is so hard to say good bye. Ginger, Yvonne and Rebekah came to visit us last week and got to stay for 10 days. They really helped take care of Benjamin. I know it was a sacrifice on their part, but they did it anyway. I'm not sure that Benjamin's feet touched the ground unless he was sleeping and even when he was sleeping someone was holding him a lot of the time.

The family went to church with us and got to experience church the African way. The leaders of the church always ask to get the visitors information and they share a local drink. They give their visitors drink bee-sap or gimgembre. The bee-sap is a sweet drink and the gimgembre is a spicy drink, so of course I demanded they at least try the gimgembre. I eventually had to finish it for them, but it is always fun to watch them try to drink it.

Rebekah came and played games with Caleb and Karis as well as helping with little Benjamin. Hopefully she can come back and see us next year!!! Bekah got to experience go-cart racing the African way too, and I'm not talking about the every day driving.

T.B. Ray just had to have the family over to his house. This picture is actually from our house, but it is the best picture with the moms. T.B. Ray loves Americans and family and it is a real education to visit an African in his house to see just how they live.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Month Old

Our sweet baby is one month old now. He weighs 4 kilos which is about 8 lb 13 oz. He's making the rounds, greeting friends and neighbors. He's generally quite the hit and mostly saves his fussy times for Mom at home. He's stolen the heart of my friend Agira and I think the feeling is mutual. She's every bit as good at stopping the screaming as I am. Benjamin is turning to voices he knows now with the very rare smile to keep us interested.

Daisy has resigned herself to the role of the family dog. She was booted from the throne of baby of the family, but seems to be adjusting well.

The Grammas are in the air on their way to Africa as I write. If I were slightly delusional, I might say they were coming to see me. HaHa! I think they have some food tucked in their suitcases for me, so I'll be content with that.

Language has started again. My new goal in life is to speak Moore better than Benjamin. I know, I know, I'm aiming high, but what are goals for anyway! ;)

Well, bath time has arrived and so goes my life. Milk, diaper, sleep, repeat, with the occasional bath and outfit change thrown in for fun.

Love, Heather