Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet Sia Mike

A lot of you have been praying for this little guy. He was born two weeks ago and weighed less then 4 lbs. This is him and his dad Tibire (pronounced T.B. ray).
He is a cute little guy and thanks to Dr. Milroy's advice he is gaining weight and doing great.
As you might have guessed, Mike is not an African name. We will let you guess where it came from. Thank you for praying for this little guy and please keep praying for him as he was born too early. His mother was just over 7 months when she gave birth and they stayed in the hospital less than 2 hours because they said they did not have the money. that's life here in Africa.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Birthday Pics

Mouton, mouton, chevre!!! Otherwise known as duck, duck, goose.
Young and old alike stood in line to get their cupcake!!
You notice they aren't wearing helmets. The staff thought that Karis' helmet would get in Mike's way when driving. So of course they aren't wearing one! It makes sense to somebody, but not me!!
Caleb got the slower car because he's little, but at least he got to drive!!

Happy Birthday Karis!

Our little Karis is growing up. We celebrated her 7th Birthday this last Tuesday. We had a little joint get together with our neighbor's son whose birthday was in August. We invited several neighbor kids and since we are among the top five amusing attractions of the neighborhood, we had many adults as well.

We played hot potato, duck, duck, goose, limbo and even had a pinata. Another missionary helped the kids make the fish pinata. They had a lot of fun making it with things from the US. I'll have to say that I don't think I'm interested in doing a pinata again here. It's one thing to keep kids that speak your language away from another child that speaks your language swinging a stick blindfolded. It's quite another thing to not be able to effectively communicate with said blindfolded, stick swinging kid!! Then the MAYHEM that ensued when candy fell from the sky!!!!

All in all, everyone ate well and went home safe and happy.

On Karis' actual birthday we went to a pool to swim and then went go karting. I think they had a good day.

We are just plodding along with our usual work. We are to go to a three week conference that starts next week. Pray for the kids as they will be all day with an African sitter. We will also greatly miss our little storying groups.

Love to all!


Field Trip

Inside looking at the air conditioned pews
Huge Creche
Stained glass dome ceiling
There are twelve stained glass windows of the apostles.

We took a lovely little field trip up country to Yamoussoukro last week. There is a monstrous Catholic church up there that the president had built. It is taller than the Vatican but covers a little less area. It makes Notre Dame look like a doll house in the comparison picture.

When you stand there and look at this monstrosity, you have mixed feelings. The thing is without a doubt beautiful, but you are within walking distance of people who most likely go to bed hungry at least some days.

The stained glass windows were my favorite part. They are absolutely beautiful and you could stand looking at each one for hours trying to figure out all of the symbolism in them.

To finish out our day, we swung by the presidents house and stood outside the mote to watch the crocodiles. We only saw a couple but they were huge!!

Too bad the trip took over 3 hours each way or we might go more often.