Saturday, October 31, 2009

Benjamin FBI

Watch out, there's a new X-Files agent in the making!!!

Big Blue Eyes!!!!

FBI agents need a good mode of transportation. This is the fastest thing around, so it will have to do, if only she would stop licking me!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SCUBA Kings!!!!

Caleb checking his gear.

Not a very big boat, but it did have a big motor!!!!

Cal our dive instructor is going over a few details with Caleb.

All in all we had a fun trip. We did have a few problems. Caleb could only get down to about 15 feet because he couldn't clear his ears. He couldn't get below the tide and it was very difficult. My suit kept malfunctioning, so I only went down once and not very far. I would love to take Caleb one more time, he learned that he was trying to clear his ears wrong, but now he figured it out. It wasn't a bad trip, but it could have been better. At least Caleb got to see several schools of fish swim past before he had to come back up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Glorious Impossible"

I've been thinking a lot about this song. It's one of my favorites and though we are still quite a ways from Christmas, the birth of our little one has made me think of the birth of our Savior. The miracle of a wee babe, fully God and fully man born of humble means. The author of life sent to us; a treasure beyond compare. His mother just an ordinary young woman except for the remarkable way she responded to the messenger from God on the news of what was to occur to her. She didn't say, "I'm going to need to list the pros and cons of this decision and get back with you," nor "I think I should really pray about this for a few weeks,"and not even "WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" but she responded "May it be to me as you have said." Oh for the faith to leave the worries behind and follow hard after my Savior's will like Mary.

I think it's funny that in our secular world where science is all important and God is often a footnote, people still refer to the "miracle of birth" when talking of babies being born. We got a front row seat to the miracle of Benjamin's birth and feel like you were all there along with us in the requests you carried before the throne on our behalf.

For those of you that have walked the last nine months with us, you know that this was not an easy time for us. We've had everything from a cerclage, to hospital stays, to preterm contractions and bed rest. In the last month we were facing preeclampsia and were moved as quickly as possible to another country to be treated through no small miracle of it's own as I was beyond the point of travel without doctor's permission and mine was refusing permission. My blood pressure strayed a few times in the last week before delivery into the dangerous range, but our God is faithful and it always came down. On delivery day, our Benjamin's heart rate fell over and over into dangerous territory. They were watching us carefully and prepared to do a cesarean, but with the drugs and oxygen they kept administering, we made it through. When the big event came, I did all in my power to finish the deed quickly, as I knew that Benjamin was in grave danger en route as I'd seen the doctor use sign language to the nurse across the room that he thought Benjamin had the cord around his neck. He was born amazingly fast and to the astonishment of all in the room, had a knot in his cord. The doctor had prepared me that he felt Benjamin would have to be rushed out to get oxygen, which they did take him quickly to do, but brought him immediately back as they had decided he did not need it.

So now our precious boy, born 3 weeks early weighing in at 7lbs 6 oz and 19 1/2 inches long is here with us bringing joy to us all. Caleb and Karis are great older siblings. Caleb really enjoys holding the baby while Karis is often content to just help with all things Benjamin. We are now waiting for our paperwork to be able to go back home hopefully within 2 weeks. The risk to my health seems under control. Our on sight nurse is still watching out for me, but the symptoms along with the high blood pressure are gone.

Thank you so much to all of you that have prayed us through this time. I was also never so grateful for all of you that give so faithfully to Lottie Moon and the Cooperative Program as I was the day I was on an airplane headed out to get the medical help I needed. It's because of your sacrificial giving that that was an option for me. I very possibly owe you my life and the life of my baby.

Now there is a new reason to make Abidjan your next overseas trip. You can see miracle Benjamin as a treat to go along with coming alongside us to help us reach the lost of Abidjan. Both things are a must! Know that I may be slower in posting now, but I'll do my best. If you'd like to receive our email prayer letter let me know. I try to get that out once a month and it's a good way to know how you can pray for us.

My love and thanks to you all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 1 week annniversary Benjamin

Karis loves holding this little guy. As you can tell we have plenty of helpers.

Caleb loves watching TV with Benjamin, that is until he starts screaming for mommy!!!!

We are doing well, we have applied for the U.S. birth certificate and Tuesday we will apply for his U.S. Passport. Hopefully we will be back in Abidjan in about 2 weeks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Benjamin Josiah McAfee and friends

More pictures by popular demand!!! He sleeps a lot. The funny thing is he grunts when he sleeps, it is cute.

Here's mommy with baby and Caleb and Karis!!!

Mommy and Benjamin.

Family photo minus dad!!! Aren't they cute!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

There's a new McAfee in town!!!

I will let you oogle over the pictures first!!!! Here is one of his first after he got his clothes on!!! Heather said no naked baby pictures on the blog!!!! Weighing in at 7 1/2 pounds, Heather is glad she didn't have to wait the three weeks until his due date to deliver when he would have been around 9 lbs!!!

Benjamin's first close up!!!! Yes he does have hair, it is not as dark as Caleb's and not as blond as Karis'.

Hey there big sis!!!!

Yo!!! What's up big bro!!!!!

AAAHHH Dad's chest, nice and comfy!!!!

o.k. now for the story. We got up early 5:45am to get to the hospital to start the process of delivering the baby. I (Mike) had a head first run in with the shower wall (concrete) that nearly ended my day, but I was determined to not let a concussion slow me down. So off we went to the hospital for the induction of labor. However, when we got to the hospital we had to wait for them to finish cleaning the room. Yeah, it's Africa!!! They started the pitocin about 8:30 that morning and things seemed to progress well, slow but well. Things got a little complicated around noon when the baby's heart rate unexpectedly dropped and scared us to death. However the Dr., who by the way is a great Dr., came immediately and gave some fluids and the heart rate picked back up. around 3:15 Heather had progressed enough and the Dr. and nurses started preparing for the baby to come. at 3:30 the Dr. asked Heather if she could push and she did, but she didn't stop as she pushed the baby right on out with her first real push!!! All the Dr. and all the nurses were amazed that she was able to do it that fast and push for that long. anyway, I cut the chord and the baby was happy. He even started nursing right away without any problems!!! Heather and the baby are resting comfortably!!! Thank you all for your prayers during the last few weeks. We really felt the prayer support!!!