Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At the Park

One of the things that we really miss when we are in Africa is all of the great parks you all have here. There is absolutely nothing like that where we are, so we have been not so patiently waiting for weather good enough to go out to play! The temperature was in the mid 50s here yesterday, which is still ridiculously cold to me, but much warmer than it has been. We had a great time feeding the ducks and geese, playing on the playground equipment and walking a couple of miles on the walking trail around the lake. I did inform Caleb and Karis that we are NEVER walking around the lake again without the stroller. I said this as Ben kicked and screamed to get off of my shoulders because "he's a big boy and he can walk too!" I can only imagine how long it might have taken us to walk the 2+ mile trail at 16 month speed!



In between speaking and home school and visiting friends and family, the kids have taken this opportunity to play some organized sports. Caleb has always enjoyed playing sports, but this was Karis time to play basketball. Caleb has been amazing everyone with his quick movement around the court. He is often the smallest kid on the court, but still manages to take several rebounds. He is a good shot when he takes his time and often steals the ball from his opponent before he even knows what happened. Karis has learned to play very quickly. She has already made some baskets and is a good defensive player. She loves to bring the ball down the court and if she gets stuck, she looks for her best friend/cousin to bail her out. Karis has enjoyed getting to learn the sport at the side of her favorite cousin!