Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School

We had a good time with another team that came to visit from Louisiana.  We got to eat again in the home of one of the families that Mike shares with.  It is always fun to watch Americans getting to experience some good African culture.  

Our kids have started back to school this last week.  It has been a rough start due to some missing materials.  We can't buy any of their school stuff here and on of the boxes of their materials got mailed through the US postal service.  I am sure they are wonderful there, but we have many lost and very, very late packages here.  We are hoping and praying that we get that missing box soon.  

I had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming back an old friend to our city.  My friend that left and went to Burkina a couple of years ago has come back home.  She may or may not stay, but I am enjoying this time of having her back.  She was a great help to me while our team was here.  We got to share some good talks as well.  She shared with me how she feels like she is in one of those games where there are 3 cups and there is a ball hidden under one of them.  There is a prize to be won only if you can guess the right cup, only she's gambling with her eternity.  I can only pray that God calls her loud and clear and she can finally find peace and assurance through Jesus.

I'm working on a new song and dance routine for a big shindig where we'll welcome in the new president of the Baptist women for our country.  I'll try to keep my clothes in the proper order this time.  I won't have a seam down the back, but I'll be wearing a wrap skirt.  That brings the possibilities of even worse nightmares than a split seam on my seat!!!

With love,