Saturday, June 1, 2013


It has been a great month and super great to be back home.  I got to help prepare food for a wedding with some special friends and yes, I was blessed to be able to wear a black plastic bag on my head too. My only regret is not having gotten my photo!  I got to celebrate a little bit for 2 mother's days.  Our African mother's day is usually about 2 weeks after the American one.  We had a wonderful team from our home church with us.  Finally, our little Caleb turned 14. 

There have been lots of highlights, but our big success this month was our volunteer team from Parkwood.  We had a wonderful collision of of well prepared volunteers, with a well prepared Abidjan church.  Both were ready to work and we had a great time sharing the gospel and letting God change lives.  I'm still involved in the aftermath, I mean follow up ;), from this trip and God has brought many new people to the church, many hearts and lives have been changed and many more are hearing the stories of the Bible for the first time.

Our summer months are double and triple booked with activities, so I'll do my best to keep you posted.  We've had a problem with one of our cameras, so we aren't getting many photos these days.  Hopefully we can get that fixed while Mike is in the states in August.

With love,