Friday, December 8, 2017

Thanksgiving 2018

Paper plates are insanely expensive and ridiculously small.  Since we don't have enough plates for all of our Thanksgiving guests, we are always obligated to buy disposable.  The solution for the tiny plates was of course to get two!!! :)

Thanksgiving is always interesting for our family.  Some years we are in the US and get to eat and celebrate with our families that raised us.  Most often we are in African and get to eat with our precious friends and family that we discovered here.  In the US, I get to enjoy all of the great cooking of our families that have been celebrating Thanksgiving for YEARS.  In Africa, if there are no Americans around, like this year, it is my responsibility to represent the amazing cooks and loving hospitality of the US on my own.

It is funny how many of our national friends and family have come to love this "unusual" American holiday.  When we are able to buy a turkey, everyone gathers around to try a bite.  Some of our most loved recipes don't do so well here like dressing or sweet potato casserole.  Cranberries are very rarely appreciated here.  Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls are instant favorites all around.  I make salad every year, although I'd never make a tossed salad in the states.  We usually have a few newbies that are afraid of everything but the salad settles their little nervous hearts. ;)

The dessert table is something else that gathers mixed reviews.  Most of our nationals eat a lot less sugar than a typical American and dessert isn't a normal part of a day's meal.  We can't even get a pumpkin here, but I've learned to use a gourd, like the one in this photo, as a substitute.  This year's big hit was Mike's mother's recipe for pumpkin roll!

We look forward to sharing the more familiar tastes from home next year as we will be in the states, but we will certainly miss sharing this special time with those here!

Here are a few of our Thanksgiving day guests

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